Beer or yoga…yoga or beer…decisions, decision, decisions.


Jennifer loves yoga, especially hot yoga, especially when it’s -5 degrees outside. I, myself, don’t mind an occasional microbew every now and then. Well, it appears the universe’s have collided and I don’t have any further excuses to not try out a little yoga session. The Peoria Yoga Projekt and the Peoria Brewing Company, two separate but equally soul cleansing/searching local company’s have banded together to offer a Detox/Retox event this Sat, which one should consider going to for no other reason than because of the awesomeness of that title. 50 minutes of yoga, followed by 40+ minutes of craft beer tasting. I could argue possibly about the slight that the craft beer tasting got time wise compared to the yoga, but I digress. One can only envision the Norm’s of this world, springing from their bar stools to partake in a little downward dog or warrior pose. Personally, I feel that the limberness that usually accompanies a pint or two could help with the yoga side of the equation, so perhaps these two events should be inverted, but I think I’m the only one of that opinion. Watch out world-I’m hitting the yoga circuit! And then…after that…I’m hitting the bar!


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