Coffee and Market Update



Starbucks experiment….day one. Ok-I thought I would try this whole “work from Starbucks” thing this morning because I just had some website stuff to update (profound and amazingly interesting sales data-thus the need for coffee- for the Peoria area that can be found at…/3rd-quarter-peoria-area-sales-…/). And here are some things I discovered.

1) The couple sitting right next to me forgot that the “cone of silence” really doesn’t exist-it’s only in the movies. It was apparent that he does not listen to what is being said unless he is the one doing the talking and she can do better than him. His mother is too controlling also. After an hour of arguing about the most personal issues of their relationship, it costs me about $15 in coffee.

2) I should have invested in Starbucks years ago.

3) While I know that I’m here also….I think there are some people that have their mail delivered here.

4) You can tell the seasons by the flavors being offered.

5) True story- Jennifer Monge would love to be a barista.

6) My Spanish class in high school I’m pretty sure was easier to navigate than the drink menu here.

7) I can safely assume that Dave Ramsey has never ordered a drink from Starbucks.

8) True story-I just realized that I’m sitting in the same Starbucks that was featured on Datelines “Valentines Day Murder” a few weeks back. Hollywood has their walk of fame, we have the Starbucks where a murderer washed up.

9) Whoa….that couple from #1 is back.

10) Should I be concerned that my wife has a Starbucks VIP Black Diamond/Executive Level/Top 99.999 percentile/Lifetime Member/1 Million drinks served card?

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