3rd Quarter Peoria Area Sales Data is in….

Well the 3rd quarter results are in…this is for the period that runs from 1/1/2014 through the end of Sept.

For a detailed look at the overall market locally, click hereĀ http://www.paarealtors.com/members/news/statistics/monthlyindicators/2014/201409.pdf

A closer look at the details shows some interesting tidbits for specific markets.

Dunlap year to date is up in new listings 1.9% to 216 homes, closed sales are off 2.4% to 164 homes, the average sales price is $322K, which is up 6.7% and the average days on market is up 39.7% to 102 days on average compared to 73 days.

Washington has 10.7 % fewer homes listed so far, down to 369, closed sales are off 21.6% to 236 homes-down from 301, average sales price is up 8.6$ to $195K, and the average days on market is down to 58-which is a decrease of 25.6%.

Peoria was relatively unchanged-new listings off by .5% to 2,051, closed sales up by 4.1% to 1,185, average sales price was up 7.7% to $131K, days on market was down a little-5.7%, to 83 days to 88 days.

Morton saw a decrease of 7.9% in new listings, down to 244, closed sales were down 16.2% to 171, average sales price was up to $206K, which was an increase of 7.8%, and the average days on market was up 1.7% to 60 days.

Still awake? Have I put you to sleep yet? Ok…here are some more stats.

Metamora-we didn’t forget about you…Metamora saw a decrease of 10.4% in the new listings category, down to 112 homes, sold homes were off 8.9% to 72 homes, average sales price was down 3.3% to $196K and average days on market was down 15.1% to 62 days.

Germantown Hills saw an increase in new homes coming on the market, up 27.5% to 88 homes, sales were up 3.8% to 55 homes, average sold price was $246K, which was up 12.7% and days on market was up 12.7% to 80 days.

Ok-Take a coffee break.

…………………….Welcome back.

If you would like to see the data for other local markets/cities, just let us know. The one thing to keep in mind is that the smaller the data sample, the more pronounced and inflated the percentages can be. For example, for the month of September, Metamora saw an increase of 175% in sales over Dec 2013. Sounds amazing right? But how many homes is that….7. Sept 2013 they sold 4 homes compared to 11 homes in Sept 2014. Peoria Heights sold twice as many homes in Sept 2014 than in Sept 2013. How many homes is that? 4.

Biggest increases and decreases year to date….

Most new listings-Germantown Hills up 27.5% to 88. Biggest decrease-Bartonville, down 14.9% to 126.

Most closed sales increase-Edwards-which is mostly Dunlap schools-up 36.6%. Biggest decrease percentage-Washington-down 21.6%, which no doubt is because of a lot of the rebuilding.

Highest sales price-Dunlap at $322K. Lowest sales price-West Peoria at $67K.

Longest days on market-136 days in Canton. Quickest/fewest days on market-Washington 58 days.




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