A treat for this Halloween

This was definitely a feel good moment I wanted to share. A few weeks ago I got a call from someone who I had met about a year or two earlier. He had called me out to see his house and work up an estimate of value on it. He was relocating with Caterpillar so he also had to get another Realtor to do the same thing so they had two opinions. We both submitted our reports and my estimate of value was quite a bit lower than the other agent, and he decided to go with the other agent. Well, the house did eventually sell after a while, but it sold for almost the exact same price that I had initially suggested. In that case, while I did feel somewhat vindicated that my opinion was accurate, I probably would have preferred to be wrong and be the one walking away with a commission check. 🙂 But, such is life and that’s how this business just rolls sometimes.

Well out of the blue I got a call from this individual a few weeks ago and he reminded me of our past encounter, and he said that because I was so on the money when it came to a value estimate, he wanted to utilize our services in helping him find a new home. In fact, he found a home at an open house and just needed our assistance to help him negotiate a fair price. (This is when all Realtors go…..”awwwww, isn’t that sweet”).  So….a big thank you to Jim and Tiffany Curless…it was a very sincere pleasure helping you on your new home!

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