Attack of the killer drone

oak run      DCIM100MEDIA


So….I was out in Oak Run this past weekend taking a few photos of some homes we have for sale, as well as some promotional pics for future ads, and I was savagely attacked by my little drone. I would post photos of the macabre massacre here, but it might be too much for some of you to handle. Maybe a little closer to Halloween though. So, back to the story. I had just shot the photo above showing the Oak Run water tower with the lake in the background. I know what you are thinking-water tower? You have a 600 acre lake and you chose a water tower? Trust me…it will make since in the ad.

As I was landing the drone after taking the photo, I got distracted and landed it a little to close to me…as in…on my legs. I currently have two legs that look like they were attacked by a weed whacker on acid. Not to mention, Jennifer and one of our boys was nearby waiting for me in the car. So I had to try to quickly clean up what could only be described as a crime scene, get back in the car, and hopefully to a restroom without anyone noticing.

My plan worked great, until I got out of the car and one of our other kids looked at my legs and kind of screamed…”Ugh…what happened to YOU??”.

There’s apparently no height of ingenuity, and stupidity, that I won’t go to in order to perfect our craft. 🙂 Enjoy the pics…I need to change my bandages.




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