Year End Review of the Dunlap Housing Market

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It was an interesting year for Dunlap in 2013. The inventory of homes is still low compared to prior years. The number of new homes coming on the market in Dunlap was down 15.7% compared to 2012. The number of closed sales were off 24.9% compared to 2012 and the average selling price was up 7.1% compared to 2012. The listing price to selling price ratio was up 1.5% to 96.5% What this means is that on average, homes in Dunlap sold for 96.5% of their listing price. The days on market was waaaaay down….from 108 days to 73 days, which is 27.7 percent lower than in 2012. So in summary, their a fewer homes on the market, as a result they are selling faster, for a little more money, and a little closer to the listing price.  Everything is relative however, as different areas and subdivisions are selling faster or slower than some others, and different price points are either saturated or thin compared to others.

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