Top 10 Highest Average Selling Prices for January 2019

OK…let’s do this. Curious which communities around central Illinois had the highest average selling prices for the start of 2019? The following list is from highest to lowest (in the top 10 descending order) based on the average sold price in each community.

Coming in at #10:

10-Pekin $103K, down 21% from Jan 2018

9-Chillicothe $110K, down 36% from Jan 2018

8-East Peoria $129K, up 29% from Jan 2018

7-Morton $159K, down 20% from Jan 2018

6-Washington, $171K, down 11% from Jan 2018

5-Mackinaw $192K, up 12% from Jan 2018

4-Germantown Hills $222K, up 5% from Jan 2018

3-Dunlap $302K, down 1.7% from Jan 2018

2-Dahinda (shocker)…the nice little lake community west of Peoria, $325K, up 100% from Jan 2018 because there weren’t any sales in Jan 2018 in Dahinda. Ha!

1-Coming in at the top spot is Edwards, with $425K, up 22%.

One thing to keep in mind is that these numbers are calculated on just the closings that occurred in January. Some of these communities are rather small-like Dahinda, which had 3 closings in Jan 2019, vs. Peoria that had 98 closings and an average of $95K. SO….what does all this data tell you. Honestly…not much, not this early in the game. But keep checking in as we continue to update things as the year progresses. 

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