10 Least Expensive Homes Sold around Peoria in 2015

It’s all about fair and  balanced news here on the Monge blog. While the other day we reported the 10 most expensive homes currently for sale around the Peoria area, we thought today we would look at the 10 least expensive homes that sold around Peoria in 2015. Going from most expensive to least expensive, we have the following….

#10-2606 Knoxville Ave $5,000.

Forget what you thought about commercial property being expensive, this baby sold for $5,000. Sorry-no inside pics.


#9 is 915 E. Republic in Peoria-$5,000


Check out the flooring-perfect for those little spills and easy clean up.


#8 is 2704 Humbolt in Peoria-$4,500


Fenced yard, two car garage, what more could you want.

#7 is 706 W. Gift, which was listed for $29,900 and sold for $4,100 in 1 day!


Kind of bummer…because this house actually looks pretty darn cute-nothing funny to remark about it.

#6 2915 Trewyn, Peoria, sold for $4,000 in 36 days. Taxes-$463-for the whole year!

#5 is 812 Shelly in Peoria, which also sold for $5,000 after 9 days on the market.

#4 is 1314 Arago in Peoria, which also sold for $4,000 in 21 days.


Inside pics show some colorful carpet options, and if you look very closely, some colorful toes.

#3 is 736 Piper in Macomb, which sold for $3,500.


No written description was in the MLS on this one, but if a picture is worth a thousand words, well, here’s 7,000.

#2 is 1408 Boyd in Peoria, which sold for $3,100.

Again–no inside pics, sorry.

And the lowest priced sold home in central Illinois last year was……

#1 1702 N. Wisconsin in Peoria, which sold for $2,800

No inside photos on this one either, but the write up on described it as a shell of a home in some areas.

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