Top 10 Best/Worst Real Estate Signs

I couldn’t think of what else to call this menagerie of unrelated real estate news, but it’s all crammed together for your enjoyment.

#1 on the list of bizarre Realtor self promotion ads. Maybe sheep are a big thing in Toronto.



If that’s the worst photo for a Realtor sign, then this has to be the worst last name for a Realtor.


But if that’s the worst name, then this next one might be the best.

I take back the comment about the worst name for a Realtor…


Maybe you get a free pair with each sale?


And then there are the Realtors that just want to make you jump…

You know it’s true love if you have a first name like Anita and you marry this guy.

Don’t tick this guy off…


I guess if his movie career ever fades out, George Clooney can always move into the home selling business.

There’s a lot more to picking a good agent than choosing one based on their business card.

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