“You don’t understand, there is a body in the basement”……

 I, quite literally, could give you a thousand reasons why I love my job, and most of them would be centered around the great people we work with and our clients. Occasionally we run across a scammer that “lifts” info on a house we would have for sale, and then reposts it on Craigslist as a house for rent. The victim contacts the scammer about renting the house, the scammer tells them to wire a deposit to them, and that’s the last they are heard from. When we find out about a scam like this going on we contact Craigslist to have the false rental ad removed. Occasionally we will contact the scammer and act like we are a potential renter to see what takes place. Below is a repasted conversation in which I contacted the scammer and told them I found a body in the house, and the dialogue gets pretty crazy pretty fast. You’ll need to scroll down to the bottom and read it in reverse to follow the proper timeline.  Betterhouse178@yahoo.uk.com is the scammer, Me….is…well..me…acting like an interested renter.

Better House

Feb 17, 2013

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