Top 10 Least Expensive Homes around Peoria for sale

Back by popular (??) demand….the top 10 least expensive homes for sale currently around the Peoria, from most expensive ($12,500) and working our way down.

10. 509 Fulton in Cuba, IL. Offered for $12,500. Unfortunately…nothing really funny about this one. Comes with a 1 car garage, is a 2-3 bedroom. Yours for the asking.


9. 1814 S. Kneer in Peoria…offered for $11,500. Again…actually nothing that sticks out on this one that is funny. Sorry.

8. 718 Moneta, Peoria Heights, offered for $11,330. Now we are cooking….check out these pics! Looks a little like they are from the movie set of Saw III. I believe the appliances are included. Nothing a little duct tape and wood bondo couldn’t fix up!


7. 2915 Trewyn, Peoria, $9,800. Sorry…too late for this one…already pending I see.

6. 702 Helen…Peoria…$9,900. No interior pics…

5. 2008 Proctor…$7,900. This is actually a repeat from our earlier list a few months back. Surprised no one has jumped on this. The description is…”PRICED TO SELL! FIXER UPPER HOME. NEEDS A SUPER CLEAN OUT. REPAIRS NEEDED TO WALLS, CEILINGS, FLOORS, WIRING AND PLUMBING. NEED NEW WINDOWS AND APPLIANCES. EASY INTERSTATE ACCESS. PROPERTY BEING SOLD AS-IS, WHERE IS.” That’s truth in advertising at its best right there.


4. 1528 Aarago, $6,990. Again…no interior pics, so we’ll skip right over that one.

3. 2209 Jefferson, $6,990. Peoria. interior pics. Sorry.

2. 1105 George, Peoria, $6,101. A picture is worth a thousand words. This is also a repeat from a prior list…you still have time to make this beauty yours! Grill can be included with full price offer!



1. 1510 Millman, Peoria…$5,900. Bummer…no interior pics for a grand prize winner. I’m sure they would have been amazing also because the comments in the MLS state that “No trash out will be completed”. Ever see the show American Pickers? Yeah-it would be something like that. A hidden treasure trove of who knows what.

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