A guest poster for today.

Today I would like to turn our blog over to a guest poster….a client of ours who is closing on their current home and he came up with a top 10 list of things to remember when you are moving. Take it away Mike!

As of 4:00 today, our house will no longer be “our house”. The keys will have been passed to the new owners. We lucked out finding a great family who loves the house and told us this weekend “we’ve now found our forever home”. It’s a nice feeling to know that someone will love and take care of the place we called “home” for the last (one month shy of) ten years. Our move into that house was so simple – we were newlyweds with barely two trucks worth of stuff. This move, on the other hand, was a completely different story. Learned a lot in the last two weeks…here are my top 12 tips:

1.No matter how long you think it will take you to pack, double or triple that amount of time. And it still won’t be enough. Amazing how many boxes marked “Misc.” were hauled out of there this weekend.
2.You have no idea just how much stuff you have until it comes out of every closet and corner of your house.
3.We have too much stuff.
4.Do not attempt to move during spring break season – everyone is out of town and having fun but you!
5.Professional movers are worth their weight in gold.
6.Always move during the week of a major Disney DVD release – Frozen saved us 10 times over this weekend.
7.The goal of a small dog during a move is to attempt to trip you whenever possible as payback for upsetting their universe.
8.No matter what tool you need, assume it will be at whichever house you are not.
9. Find a central location as a depository for keys, wallets, purses, phones, etc. at each location and save yourself 15-20 each time looking for them.
10.When attempting to locate my keys, check your wife’s purse first – they always land in there.
11.Do not pack your keys in a box that has been taped shut and packed in a car.
12.If you have to work the morning after a move, pack a bag with an outfit for work. Digging through boxes for shoes and trying to find your shirt in one of a dozen bags first thing on a Monday morning is not fun.

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