New Rock Island Trail bridge in place!


While we don’t normally get excited about a new bridge, this is one I’ve personally been excited about for a while. It’s the last link to connect the Rock Island biking trail to other sections of the trail and everything should be complete this spring! This means that you can get on your bike or start jogging in Stark County/Toulon, head south through Princeville, to Dunlap, to Alta, and now through Peoria, Peoria Heights and finally all the way down to the Riverfront Trail that can take you into downtown Peoria! This has been a looooooong time in the making as there were a lot of red tape on every level to get this to happen.

For a map of the Rock Island Trail on the north end, click here.  For a lot of general information about the trail from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, click here.  To get a very detailed history of the most recent additions and changes to the trail, including the entire map through Peoria, click here. 




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