Top 10 Places to Sled around Peoria

As we are approaching the end of Feb, 2014, and faced with the prospect of a big snow this weekend, we thought we would bring up what we thought were the 10 best places to go sledding around Peoria!

1 . Upper Detweiller Park-Peoria.


When we have a big snow the Peoria Park District closes off one of the two roads that lead through Detweiller Park. As you enter the park from the west side, off of Knoxville Ave on Detweiller Drive, you’ll notice the road splits into two. The road to your right is blocked off when the ground is covered. You can park near the road barrier. As you look down the road, it dips down and then rises a little-looking like there isn’t much of a road to sled down. However if you venture down a little further over the next rise in the road you’ll notice that the road turns into one of the longest sledding hills in the area. It’s best, and by best we mean fastest, once the snow has been compacted a little bit.

2. Lower Detweiller Park-Peoria


Lower Detweiller Park is the “official” sledding area of Detweiller Park. If you head into the park from the lower north side you’ll find a place to park near the sledding hill. This is a decent sized hill that is good for all ages. Not too big, not too small, just right for kids of all ages. They have a no toboggan restriction, but anything else goes. If you are into snow shoeing, there are trails all over the place where you can get as lost and winded as you want to.

3. Bradley Park-Peoria

If you enter lower Bradley Park from Farmington Road (see Park Entrance sign above) and park near the first baseball diamond, you’ll see the sledding area right off of Farmington Road. There are also a few other spots in this area that spring up from time to time as adventure seekers carve out their own paths. There are also some spots near the Dog Park (see above). For a video click here [youtube][/youtube] or here. [youtube][/youtube]


4. Glen Oak Park-Peoria

The Pavillion area near Glen Oak Park Lagoon also provides some sledding areas that are more in line with the bunny hill approach to sledding. This is also the future site of the Peoria Park District Childrens Museum.

5. Dunlap Valley Middle School, Route 91, town of Dunlap

Either either side of the Dunlap Valley Middle School there are some decent hills that you are bound to find some kids sledding on weather permitting. The main area, just on the north side of the DVMS parking lot, it easy to spot. The other area is located to the south, in front of the new soccer field.

6,7,8 Dam good sledding hills

On the back side of pretty much any man made dam you are bound to find a good sledding hill. In the Mapleton area, on the back side of the lower lake dam in Lake Camelot, as well as on the back side of the dam on the lake in Peoria’s Lynnhurst subdivision, and Dunlap’s Lake of the Woods subdivision, you are going to find some decent areas.

9. Fond Du Lac Farm Park-East Peoria, 200-218 Springfield Road


This hill is actually two hills in one. When traveling up Springfield road from the bottom of the hill (by Pizza Hut), the first turnoff to your left leads into the old Fondulac swimming pool area. There are now some tennis courts and playground equip. there. Upon entering the parking lot look to your right and a rather steep hillside will be on your right with no hazards or obstacles.

10. Jubilee College State Park-Brimfield


The rolling terrain provides an excellent opportunity for sledding and cross-country skiing. Several miles of trails are marked and groomed for skiing when the snowfall is sufficient. Snowmobiling is permitted on marked portions of equestrian trails during the daylight hours, when there is a 4-inch snow base. Probably the best place to sled would be at near the site of the original Jubilee College, near the main entrance off of Brimfield Jubilee Road.




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