Top 10 Not So Luxurious Homes

Yesterday we highlighted the 10 most expensive homes on the market in the Peoria area. Today, we are looking at the 10 least expensive homes currently for sale. Where applicable, we included some of the most telling photos for your enjoyment.


10.  Our first entry is 619 NE Rock Island Avenue….all 463 square feet of this could be yours for $12,900. With 1 bedroom and 1 bath, it’s the perfect home for a minimalist or someone looking to downsize.


9. 1603 W. Howett offers almost twice the square footage for about the same price-$12,900. I included the second photo because it shows the entertaining options of the kitchen-including the wide screen tv which I believe is included in the price.

8. For our #8 home, we travel to Kewanee, IL. You might want to check out 1706 N. Main Street after you visit Mary at Goods. This home is being offered for $12,000 and sits on half an acre. It also has a 2 car garage. Not sure if you can get into it however-it appears boarded up. The MLS description states “Enter with caution as floor may be unsafe in some areas.”

7. 1615 Arago in Peoria is being offered for $11,900. Nothing really funny to add about this house…it’s actually a very cute well kept house. Which brings us to……..

6. 321 Pine in Canton which is offered for $11,900. 1848 sq.ft., 4 bedrooms, 1 full bath. No interior pics. Sorry.

5.  2703 Marquette Street in Peoria is offered at $10,500. The taxes are $648.38. I will repeat…the taxes are $648.38.

4. 2008 Proctor, above….a picture is worth a thousand words. Offered for $7,900. You can almost charge it on your credit card. Note the warning sign on the toilet….because obviously nothing else needs a warning. I offer you the description taken directly from the MLS…”PRICED TO SELL! FIXER UPPER HOME. NEEDS A SUPER CLEAN OUT. REPAIRS NEEDED TO WALLS, CEILINGS, FLOORS, WIRING AND PLUMBING. NEED NEW WINDOWS AND APPLIANCES. EASY INTERSTATE ACCESS. “

On to the top 3.

3.  We head back to Canton for our number 3 house…616 S. Main Street, offered for $6,790. It states that prior to it being shown, “Agents Liability papers will need to be signed to enter property”.

2. 1105 George is our number 2 house, being offered for $6,495. If a house is all about numbers, this one lists the following for each category..Full baths-0, half baths-0, bedrooms-0, total square footage-0. Taxes are $162…..per year. The description states “Gutted out and ready for you to finish. Good roof, windows and siding.” I do believe I see a newer looking grill in the third photo however….which I’m sure could be included for the right price.

1. Our top spot is held by 2104 Idaho. No interior pics to share-sorry. The description states that it is a project home that is down to the studs. Offered at $4,775 and annual taxes of $565.

Thanks for joining us on our tour and thanks for all the positive feedback. We have been listening to your suggestions and will be adding some additional Top Ten lists that pertain to things to do around the Peoria area soon! We have also added the domain name which will take you directly to the Top Ten Lists of our site!

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